Brennan & Associates
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Our Services

What ever your real estate needs are, Brennan & Associates has your solution.  We cater to the specific needs of our customers and have the versatility to handle varied real estate transactions. Therefore all you need is to have one agent, one company, one smooth transaction.  See below how we help owners, sellers, buyers and renters!

Full Service Property Management
Our full service property management agreement allows our investors the comfort of having a trained and licensed staff handle the details of their investment.  There are many aspects that go into managing a property on a day to day basis and our trained team is equipped to handle those situations effectively.  From finding and screening tenants, to advertising, to getting you your money in a timely and dependable way, we do it all.

“One Shot” Property Management
For the busy, self employed property managers.  We offer a service where we provide you with the tenant and the initial move-in procedures.  We have the time and resources to advertise your property and screen tenants to find the best fit for your properties needs.  Let us do the foot work for you and use our connections as a business to find you a tenant quickly!

How much is my home worth?  What are my net proceeds?  How do I obtain the best price? How long will it take to sell my home?  What I can do to make the home more appealing.   Will I have any taxes to pay?  How can I avoid paying taxes? What is your marketing plan?  Should I sell now or keep the home for a few years?  These and more questions are answered before you select our Company.  Once we are your Agent we market the home to prospective buyers and also other Brokers.  When we find an acceptable Buyer we make sure they qualify and prepare a binding contract. We insure you comply with all the Real Estate laws.  We track each step to avoid the pitfalls that could kill a sale.  At the conclusion we review the cash disbursements so that you understand the costs and that they were what you expected when you agreed to sell.

How much can I afford?  Where should I buy?  Is it the right time to buy? Can I sell what I buy later?  We do not just show you homes hoping you will find one.  We discuss your needs and desires.  We teach you the process.  Once we locate a property we negotiate for the best price and handle the paperwork to successfully complete the transaction.