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Refer with Confidence, Earn with Ease: Unlock the Benefits of our Real Estate Agent Referral Program

At Brennan and Associates Inc., we prioritize building strong partnerships with real estate agents and believe in mutual success. Our referral program allows agents to benefit from their connections and earn a referral fee while entrusting their clients to our reliable property management services. We also understand the importance of client loyalty, and by agreeing not to sell the referred property, we ensure that the agent remains the trusted point of contact for any future sales.

If you’re a real estate agent looking for a trusted property management partner, consider us. Take advantage of our referral program, where you’ll receive a $333 referral fee when you refer a property owner who signs up for our management services. Rest assured that we will not sell the property and will refer any potential buyers back to you. 

Furthermore, our commitment to collaboration extends beyond property management. If any tenants who occupy a property under our management express an interest in buying the property, we will gladly refer them back to the referring agent.

We understand that agents invest time and effort in cultivating relationships with potential homebuyers, and we want to honor that commitment. By referring these clients back to the agent, we ensure that the agent has the opportunity to represent them in the home-buying process, creating a seamless transition for all parties involved.

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