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When will I get my rent payment every month?
If your tenant pays rent by the end of the grace period, you can expect to receive a deposit in your account between the 8th-15th of the month. It can take up to a week for the tenant's payment to clear not including holidays and weekends. If your tenant pays rent late, then you may receive it after the 15th depending on how long it takes to process and clear. If you elect for end-of-the-month payments, you can expect to receive a deposit in your account between the 25th-30th of the month.
Do I get to help choose the tenants?
We do not involve our owners in the tenant selection process. You hire us to use our knowledge and experience to manage your property and most owners have not processed as many applications and seen as many credit reports as we have.

Having owners involved slows the process down which leads to losing tenants who apply for other properties and creates a fair housing issue since we are using different criteria to approve different tenants at different properties.

What happens if my tenants pay late?
If your tenants don't pay rent on time, we reach out and remind them. If they still don't pay, then we serve them with a notice and contact you before we start the eviction process. Things can happen and sometimes things slip through the cracks but almost all tenants know when their rent is due. Typically, when a tenant pays rent late, it's not the first or last time so we know who may or may not have issues paying.
Do you take properties that already have a tenant in place?

We do if the tenant is in good standing. We will occasionally take on properties where the tenant is headed for eviction, or the eviction has already started but that's only with an additional fee depending on what needs to be done.

Do you offer discounts if I have multiple properties?

We consider this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office and we will see if we are a good fit for each other.

Do I pay management fees when the property is vacant?
We charge our management fee based on a lease and tenants being in place. We do not charge a management fee if the property is vacant for less than 45 days.
Do you guarantee that my tenants will pay rent?

No one can guarantee that your tenants will pay rent however, we do our best to place good tenants by having strict requirements and a thorough tenant screening process.

Can I use my own vendors?
Depends, we do not encourage owners to use vendors that we do not know for many reasons. The vendor may not be qualified which leads to poor-quality work that requires more visits. The vendor may not have the proper insurance leading to lawsuits that can cost the owner thousands of dollars if a repair is done wrong and leads to a tenant being injured or dead. Finally, the vendor may not be professional and not show up for the appointment leading to disgruntled tenants who are less likely to renew the lease. Please contact us directly for a waiver if you would still like to use your own vendor.
Will you work with home warranty companies?
Unfortunately, working with home warranty companies can be time-consuming. The vendors that work with them do work at a discounted rate and they usually can't get enough business on their own to fill their schedule which is a red flag. Warranty companies can also take longer to get a repair done than what's legally allowed leading to the owner and us getting sued. For this reason, we will not work with warranty companies.
Do you sell homes too?

We are a full-service real estate brokerage licensed by the State of California, so we help buyers and sellers as well as landlords and tenants. We are experienced in 1031 exchange sales. See https://www.provenciorealty.com/ for more details.