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How do I get help with a Maintenance issue?

For faster service, please submit your maintenance request online. Please utilize the maintenance FAQs and troubleshooting guide before submitting your maintenance request.

What am I responsible for maintaining?

Please visit our maintenance page for for this and all maintenance/repair related issues

My garbage disposals clogged.

Please visit our maintenance page for for this and all maintenance/repair related issues

I may have stained the carpet, what now?

Call a professional carpet clearner right away. We also have professional carpet cleaning vendors who we can refer you to. Please give maintenance a call.

What happens if only one roommate wants to move out?

Please call or email our office.

What happens if my roommate cannot pay his portion of the rent?
We look at the tenants as a whole and not as individuals so if your roommate does not pay rent and you do, then your rent will be considered late if we do not receive it in full by the end of the five-day grace period.
How do I take someone off the lease?

Any changes to the rental contract must be in writing and are susceptible to a fee. If you have someone who has moved out, it might be in your best interest to keep that person on the lease, as that tenant remains as responsible for the rent payments as you are. However, if a tenant has moved out or is in the process of moving out, we simply need something in writing on our roommate release request. If the remaining tenants qualify on their own, we will gladly make the change. If they don't it may keep the vacating tenant on the lease until it terminates. Please contact us at for these requests.

My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?

Please make sure you submit your 30 day written notice via your tenant portal or send en email to no less than 30 days before the end of your rental agreement. If you turn in your notice less than 30 days from the end of your rental agreement, you will have auto-renewed your rental agreement.

Can we submit multiple payments for the monthly rent?

We require the rent as one payment for each property. We recommend that everyone contributing to the payment transfer their funds to one person who makes the payment monthly.

When is my rent due, what happens if we pay late?

Rent is due on the 1st day of each month and is considered late at 5PM on the 5th day of the month.

If you are going to have issues one month paying your rent in full, reach out to us to see what additional options you have. It is important that you reach out to the property manager to maintain communication with the property owner.

Can we pay by credit card?
Yes, though your tenant portal you can send payments by credit card for a small additional fee that is charged by the credit card company.
Can I do auto-pay through your website?

Online payments can be set up for one time or continual credit card payments as well as one-time or continual auto debits from your checking account. Please login to your Appfolio tenant portal account in order to set this up.

Do we have full access to the community/HOA services as a tenant?

Yes. You’ll enjoy the same benefits as the owner of the property would.

Who pays the HOA fees?

The property owner pays the Homeowners Association dues. However, it is very common for the Homeowners Association to send statements and other important notices to the rental address. If you receive such notices, please forward them to our office immediately.

I am getting a new roommate do they have to apply?

Any additional occupants that are 18 years and older, must submit an application to be approved. Brennan and Associates Inc. does this for your safety. We will conduct a full tenant screening. Neither you or us want you to inadvertently choose a roommate that may harm you or the property and can't pay their rent. If the results of the screening are acceptable, we can email you the documentation that needs signed. A fee to add or change roommates may apply. Please contact or call (619) 475-2470 and Leasing will assist you in the proper procedure.

I have given my 30-day notice, but I need an extra week to move out. What do I need to do?

Please email us at or call (619) 475-2470 to make sure that we have not selected new tenants. If not, then you must submit a written request with a specific holdover date. Once such a request is received, you will receive notification that the extension has been accepted or denied. You will be required to maintain the property and all utilities during the lease holdover period.

When do I get my deposit back?

Per the rental agreement, your deposit will be refunded less any cleaning and damages, within 21 days of the time you vacated the property. If you fail to give proper notice and a forwarding address, your deposit will be mailed to your rental address with instructions to please forward. You can speed this up by providing copies of your closing utility bills with $0 balance.


Can I use my security deposit as the last months rent?

No, the security deposit is to cover any cleaning or damages to the property, or delinquencies and cannot be used for other reasons.

Do I need renters insurance?

All tenants are required to obtain coverage for $100k in liability insurance. Tenant Liability Insurance simply waives your obligation to compensate the property owner for accidental, resident-generated claims.